Hello Sunshine

From my bathroom window at 4am this morning things looked promising towards Walltown.
Clear sky and a 4 degree temperature should have guaranteed mist, and there was mist at Longbyre as I drove through with yet another Little Owl flying across my bows through the mist.
Got up to the turn to Walltown and it had all disappeared.
I headed along to Housesteads Fort figuring that as long as I was up I might as well get some exercise.
The clamber up to the Fort was hard this morning, don't know why some mornings it takes more puff than others but this morning took a few more breath stops than usual.
Housesteads Fort had some tents up, guess there's a re-enactment group there this weekend, two people in brightly coloured flourescent jackets stood watching me come up the hill, I waved but they ignored me.
Finally I hit a flattish patch and headed along to Cuddys Crag, taking a small detour around the black Aberdeen Angus cow feeding a calf, she had that manic look in her eye so I thought it best to leave them to it.
No mist at all from Cuddys Crag, the sun came up and then it was too harsh and bright for photographs, end of July August is my least favourite sunrise time the early light has no softness to it.

Sunrise over Hadrian's Wall

I must have a dozen similar versions of this shot

One of the cattle tidies up the edges, a green strimmer

Looking west along the line of Hadrian's Wall. I'm standing on the only bit of Hadrian's Wall that is permissive footpath and that runs through the wood at Housesteads.

I thought this was interesting the way the light catches the many, as yet, unexcavated lumps and bumps outside the walls of the Fort.

When I got back to Housesteads Fort I was amused to see one of the 'flourescent jobsworths' had positioned himself to repel any attempt I might make to scale the Wall of the fort and wreck havoc amongst the tents.
Once I'd passed he returned to the shelter of his hut.
The fact that I'm a pensioner with a dodgy hip didn't seem to register, obviously in his mind anyone out at this unearthly hour must be up to no good.

Stopped in at Cawfields on the way home and the Little Owl adult was keeping watch from the telegraph pole, using the car as a mobile hide I got quite close but it's not the most picturesque of settings.

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David Richardson said...

Another image on Look North, well done! Here the light on Cuddy's Crag is nice and subtle. David