Once again

Once again I find myself heading off to Dumfries and Galloway for a bit of wildlife watching.
It seems this area has an abundance of goodies to share with anyone interested in wildlife, and you don't have to go it alone, there's a great programme of events to take you through the Autumn months.
On this particular early morning outing I was heading off to Caerlaverock to see the Geese come up of the Merse as the sun rises. There must have been a few bitten finger ends because, with the gale force winds we've been having, all blowing from the south the numbers of migrants were seriously down. 
Then on the Wednesday  we had winds from the North East and many of those waiting birds arrived.
About a dozen of us met up at the visitor centre before walking down the Avenue towards the Saltcote Tower and then out onto the Merse, an area not normally open to visitors.
As the sun rose so did the geese, hundreds of them from every direction, heading for the fields around Caerlaverock to feed for the day. 
As well as a sight for the eye's it's also a feast for the ears, as those powerful wings beat the air and that mournful, or joyful honking surrounds you. Then it was over and we headed back for tea and bacon sandwiches, both excellent.

 Some Whooper Swans fly past

After breakfast there was time to check out the reserve ponds.


This Mute Swan looks to be enjoying its bath

I went onto Dumfries to check out the River Nith for Goosanders, I love watching these little birds dive head first into a raging torrent. Still haven't managed one with a fish yet but maybe next time.