30 Jan 2011

Welcome to my blog, I hope to be able to post photographs with a few comments from my bit of Hadrian's Wall and the surrounding area.
I'm lucky enough to have lots of great places to visit within an hours drive of Gilsland so I wanted to broaden the scope of my blog a bit, give you a taster of what a holiday here in Hadrian's Wall Country might offer.

Start my new blog with a picture of Sycamore Gap the ever popular sycamore tree on Hadrian's Wall.
Years ago now it was used in the opening scenes of a Kevin Costner film, 'Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves' and people still ask the way to the Robin Hood Tree.
One of the most photographed trees in England I imagine.

Talkin Tarn near Brampton on a very cold January day.
Just a few small channels of water remained unfrozen, ducks and swans were being fed by visitors.
It's a flat walk around the Tarn and it's popular with dog walkers and parents with buggies to push.

Yesterday was the day I did my RSPB Great Garden Bird Watch, I had loads of birds visit the garden and was lucky enough to see 3 Tree Sparrows, once quite common but now on the Red list of endangered species.
They seem to be fiesty little birds fighting to keep their places on the seed feeders so I hope they make a come back.