Walltown Quarry Lake

I'd seen the Little Grebe when I was out taking the misty photographs at Walltown Quarry, so back I went with my big lens, welly boots and a stool (might as well be comfortable).
When I tried yesterday the birds seemed nervous and kept well away from me, across the far side of the lake, so today I took a camo poncho to drape over the tripod legs and what a difference it made.
This tiny bird took very little notice of me, looking my way when it heard the shutter fire but not nearly as nervous as it had been yesterday.
Guess I shall have to make some camo leg warmers for my tripod!
Saw two pairs of Oystercatchers piping and dancing for the territory, fascinating displays, the Little Grebe didn't like the noise and hid away in the reeds until it was over.
So we have the Little Grebe or Dabchick as it's known and those are the pictures I'm sharing with you today.

Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis)

I think the Dabchick was watching movement under the water, it did this and then flattened it's plumage to dive.

Typical Grebe head

A Caddis Fly for lunch, it caught a variety if insects and dashed them about (at great speed in the water making photo's difficult) certainly no shortage of things to eat.

As always click on the photograph if you'd like to see a larger size.
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