Setting sun over Hadrian's Wall

The clocks have changed giving us more evening time so I, like quite a few other people, took advantage of a nice night to head out for a walk on the Hadrian's Wall Path at Cawfields.

The light on the quarry face was lovely but a breeze was rippling the water spoiling the reflection, so I headed uphill following the HWP past the milecastle and onto Cawfield Crags.

Birds were singing and mists were rising, I was hopeful of a nice sunset, until I noticed the bank of cloud along the horizon.

Ever optomistic I thought the sun would go behid the cloud and send some ruby coloured rays the light the darkening sky.

It didn't but, maybe next time.

Setting sun over Hadrian's Wall on Cawfield Crags

Mists rising over the Roman Fort of Aesica next to Great Chesters Farm, Mucklebank Crags are on the horizon and the two trees on the skyline to the left as you look at the picture mark King Arthur's Well.

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David Richardson said...

Joan its good to see the larger images straight away and as always to get a bit of a geography/history lesson - David Richardson

JoT said...

Thankyou David, your feedback is much appreciated.

Diane Marsland said...

One of my favourite spots.... I used to walk along this part of the wall many times...... thanks for sharing the lovely pic