Hadrian's Wall at Walltown

Full of cold today so it'll be short, and hopefully sweet.
Fog at sunrise so I know there wasn't much point in making the trek to catch the sun coming up.
Checked the NNPA webcams and as soon as I could see a bit of blue I headed out to Walltown.
Fog and mist never quite performs to order and the scene had changed completely when I arrived, the lake was a swirling mass with the island in the middle making a ghostly impression, ducks bobbed asleep in the foreground.

I did notice a Dabchick diving on the lake, it's on my list to photograph so I was pleased to see it back at Walltown.
I headed for higher ground, hoping to get above the mists and find some sunshine to brighten the scene.
There are lots of mature trees on the slopes of Walltown Crags and they were stunning with swirls of mist and rays of light breaking through.
Over on the Pennines a lone pylon breached the fog .

Mists came and went, so just as I thought I'd got enough photographs I turned around to take some more, and I share a selection of those with you now.

The view across the plain over Longbyre from Hadrian's Wall at Walltown

Swirling mists on Walltown Crags

Mist is clearing in the valley below

William's lambs on Walltown Crags

Mucklebank Crags appear through the mist

More of Hadrian's Wall becomes visible as the sun burns off the mist

The Hawthorn tree with a view of Walltown Quarry. The island in the middle of the lake was barely visible in the first picture on today's blog

 Mallard sleeping in the sun but keeping an eye on me, just in case.

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David Richardson said...

You did well to persevere and get your shots of an area which looks very promising. David Richardson