You know that saying 'if at first you don't succeed'?
I try, goodness only knows I try, so it was back to Mawbury in search of Oystercatchers.
High tide was projected at 2pm and the early morning fog was clearing beautifully as I drove from Gilsland.
It was 12.15 when I arrived at Mawbury garden centre with a beautiful blue sky and just wisps of fog, rapidly clearing - or so I thought.
Decided to stop for coffee and scone as I had plenty of time (both excellent by the way) and when I came out it was like pea soup.
Thinking it would go as quickly as it came, I optomistically set off for the beach carrying my biggest lens and heavy tripod.
And wouldn't you just know it, there were hundreds of Oystercatchers but the fog just kept on rolling in with the high tide.
I got some pictures and I will admit as I stood there thinking I m,ust be mad, droplets of water running off my hair and specs misting up, when just a mile inland it was a beautiful sunny day.
No amount of pleading, cajouling and threatening the weather gods changed things, so I just carried on snapping.
It'll be a while before the high tides are at useful times of the day, but I will try again.

One man and his dog (Trev and Chloe) on foggy Mawbury beach

The flock of Oystercatchers, there were masses of them and a big flock of Curlew hidden in the mist behind them that I didn't even see until I enlarged the photographs on my computer screen

My favourite shot of the day, because of the fog the camera was having trouble focusing,
 fortunately it managed for this shot. (click on the picture to see a larger version)

It's a great coast for birds and well worth the hours drive from Gilsland, however the tide goes out a mile I've been told so it's best to check the tide tables and go when there's a high tide.
There are various parking spots along the roadside dunes and toilets at the garden centre, or in Silloth.


trevorearthy said...

It was bright sunshine at Mawbray today! Lovely photos in the fog...Haste ye back!

Heather Athey said...

wow, that must have been noisy!

Jeff said...

That last show of the oystercatchers is fantastic.