Hadrian's Wall : Winshields Crag part 2

I promised yesterday that I'd upload the photographs looking east, and here they are.
It's worth mentioning that you are walking through fields on this bit of the Hadrian's Wall Path and soon there will be lots of lambs. If you have your dog with you, please, keep it on a lead.

The view east from the highest point on Hadrian's Wall, Winshields Crag

The just mist wasn't clearing, but in the sunshine it was beautiful, larks singing and a hawk circling above my head.

Walkers come out of the mist

A couple who had walked from Housesteads appeared through the mist, they stopped to take off their coats it was so warm. They are walking the Pennine Way in segments, this path has a dual purpose, both Hadrian's Wall Path and part of the Pennine Way.

From Winshields Crag to Highshields Crag

Two high parts of the Hadrian's Wall Path and vastly different weather conditions, sort of sums up how unpredictable this part of Northumberland is.
Always wear clothing in layers so you're always prepared.

Coming to Steel Rigg with the Bradley Farm ewe's waiting for their lambs to arrive.

And back to Steel Rigg

Met a man called John Miles in the car park, he wrote a book about birdwatching in Dumfries and Galloway, the Solway bits of  Hadrian's Wall.
He just said he'd written a book and was now doing another with updates, good old Google gave me the information.
It's currently out of print but I shall track a copy down!
Good job he didn't mention what it was about when we met or he'd still be there  answering my questions :)
You just never know who you're going to meet.

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David Richardson said...

Your photographs and journal herald (day I say it?) the outset of spring. No doubt mother nature will come back and bite us soon.

trevorearthy said...

It's always good to see your photos of the wall Joan!