Hadrian's Wall : Winshields Crag

Early morning mists started to clear as I made my way along the Military Road.
I'd checked the Northumberland National Parks Webcams and was hoping that the views would be interesting from the highest point at Winshields Crag.
Parking in the Steel Rigg car park I crossed the road to start the gentle climb up to the trig point, turning around I could see the mist gathering behind me, obscuring views that had been visible only seconds before.
I actually love that, scenes change quite dramatically, Mother Nature performing a dance like those ladies, with the huge fans, used to do in the Folies Bergere.

View from the trig point looking over towards Greenlee Lough

Mist was coming at me from all angles view west from the trig point on Winshields Crag

The view disappeared down towards Steel Rigg so I wandered west along the Hadrian's Wall Path towards Caw Gap, I'm quite fond of this particular view although it's awkward to photograph.
Using a wide angle lens to get all of the twists and turns in gives you masses of foreground that's just grass, zoom in and you get the Wall cutting across the picture. Never mind, it does allow you to follow the ups and downs to be tackled when "walking the Wall".

From Winshields Crag to Cawfields Crag, the house you can see in the right of the picture is Burnhead B&B imagine the views at sunrise and sunset from those windows.

Hoping the mist had lifted a little I wandered back the way I'd come, it was a really lovely day to be out, I heard Skylarks and a Kestrel, it felt spring like. People were beginning to appear on the walk and I stopped several times to chat.

View to the trig point approaching it from west to east

When I got back to the top the mist was still swirling, so I sat on a handy rock and just enjoyed the day.
As I took loads of pictures I've decided to spare you any more today and I'll upload  more from this outing tomorrow.

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