Wild Birds

Not ideal conditions for photograhy and certainly not landscapes so it was back into the garden to record some of the birds coming to the feeders.
I get my bird seed from Martin at Poltross Wild Bird Food,  they get the seed mixes specially made up so you're not buying a load of wheat with a few sunflower seeds, like alot of other suppliers.
Most of the Bramblings have left for their summer breeding grounds now but we have a couple of stragglers in with the Chaffinches.


Male Chaffinch

Still plenty of Chaffinches about but it's a bit worrying that the male birds are far more plentiful than females by something like 30 to 1. It would be interesting to know if that's a trend repeated in other gardens.

Female Chaffinch

Goldfinches are plentiful and Siskin numbers continue to rise, these small bright birds make more noise than any other birds in the garden.


Female Siskin

Male Siskin

The Robin continues to be camera shy, in fact shy in general making short, sharp visits to the seed tray. I've tried mealworms in a pretty setting but the Robin is not for bribing.
The Bluetits and Great Tits have been checking out the various nest boxes so it's starting to feel as if Spring might be just around the corner.

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trevorearthy said...

I love the siskins!