24 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

The day started out grey but the wind got up and blew the clouds away.
I'd been in the garden taking photographs of the birds, nothing any different but a shift in numbers, Bramblings are down and Siskins are way up.
We also have some frogspawn, the earliest ever for our garden.
It seemed a shame to waste the sunshine but by the time I'd finished my chores the day was getting on and I started to wonder about a sunset.
I looked at this site to see where the sun was setting in relation to Hadrian's Wall and thought I'd go out to Crag Lough, with an option to climb up behind Hotbank Farm if the light was right.
Unfortunately it was as far over as I'd hoped which meant the Crags were in darkness, so I wandered across to the Lough.
Boy was it muddy (or clarty if you want a good Northumbrian description) and, unlike past years the boats hadn't been taken off for winter storage, which was a mistake, one had capsized and the other was full of water.

I waded through the mud for a wee while longer but as the sun sank behind the Crags there was no light  to lift the photograph.
I watched the farmer herding his cows for a while, they were bellowing fit to bust, then walked back down the track to my car, pausing to take a picture of the sheep silhouetted against the setting sun.

Perhaps not as productive night, photographically speaking, as I hoped but it was great to be getting back into the swing of things.
Rain again tomorrow.

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Jeff said...

It was a good sunset this evening. Was watching it on the way home from work.
Like both of these pics.

WalkingMarj said...

Thanks for the solar calculator link - very useful.