26 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

The most popular spot on Hadrian's Wall is probably Steel Rigg, certainly on a nice sunny day during the summer the car park gets packed.
You do see the Wall from the car park so anyone with a disability can enjoy the views without having to clamber anywhere, and you can get a good photograph along to Hotbank.
The fitter visitors can climb up the rock steps to Peel Crags and then follow the remains of Hadrian's Wall along the the Crags to Hotbank Farm, a footpath goes behind the farm and returns to Steel Rigg on a track running parallel to Hadrian's Wall .
You get the Roman view and the 'barbarian' view in one walk, during the summer months you're walking through hay meadows full of buttercups a beautiful sight.

A November day on Castle Gap.
Although you access Winshields Crag from the same Steel Rigg car park, it's never as busy, maybe because you're immediately heading uphill people are put off making the effort.
Winshields Crag is the highest point on Hadrian's Wall and the views are well worth the climb.

The view over Steel Rigg from a little way up Winshields Crag on a blustery autumn day
There's a campsite at Winshields Farm, just to the south of this spot, imagine waking up in your tent on a nice morning and watching the sunrise over Hotbank

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