23 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

Walltown Crags at sunset

I love being up on the Crags at Walltown for sunset, I'd been wandering around when two young men came up the hill and sat having their supper.
They were walking the Wall and seemed to have no overnight stop arranged. Believe me it's not a good idea to be on the Hadrian's Wall Path in the dark, the path is uneven with stones to trip you.
I was hoping they were intending to put up a tent for the night but didn't want me to know, wild camping isn't allowed here, but I would rather they were breaking the rules and staying safe.
From this spot I can see Gilsland where I live and then right over to Criffel on the Scottish side of the Solway, on a good clear day you can see the Lake District.

It's a harsh climate up on the high part of Hadrian's Wall, yet the gnarly old Hawthorns seem to survive.
You can see the remains of Hadrian's Wall behind the tree as it heads downhill, there's a sharp drop where the quarry works took away the cliff face and the remains of the Wall.
Just across from this point is the Roman Army Museum, currently having a refit but a great place to visit, I imagine it will be opening for Easter weekend.

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