22 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

Came back from Haltwhistle on the road that meets the Cawfields Road at the Milecastle Inn.
While I'd been in a mini meeting the sun had appeared and fortunately I had my camera with me.
Lots of ewe's waiting the arrival of their lamb's, I'm so looking forward to seeing the lambs bouncing about and racing each other up and down the hills.
The farmers I've spoken to are lambing in April although they always get some early arrivals.

Looking across Blake Law towards Walltown, fog is lingering.

So many mole hills, at one time the farmers would poison the moles but that's forbidden, there must be thousands and what a mess they make.

View from the north side of Cawfields Crag

If you double click to enlarge the photograph you should should be able to see people on top of the Crags following Hadrian's Wall up.
I imagine the view today is very similar to the one seem by the Roman soldiers on their patrols along the Wall.

Milecastle 42

The sheep grazing where once Roman soldiers would have walked. The Roman's did things to exact dimensions and although there was a flatter bit of land just to the west of this Milecastle it had to go on the slope because that was where the Roman Mile was measured to.

This handsome fellow was wandering around the car park at Cawfields and a fair way from any of the local farmyards, you just never know what you'll see when you go for a walk hereabouts.

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