21 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

Today it snowed again, not the beautiful white fluffy snow but the horrible wet cold snow that seems to get sown the back of your neck.
I didn't take the camera out today but I have two pctures to share from when the cold weather made a picturesque scene.

Mucklebank Crag, from Walltown Crag. The snow covering enhances the ridge that is all that is left of Hadrian's Wall on this Crag, although there is a milecastle three quarters of the way up.
I waited for a figure to crest the top of the hill to give it a bit of scale.

Steel Rigg on a very cold morning. Any photographer worth hhis salt will tell you to get out early before anyone has walked on the snow but that pre-supposes you have transport capable of managing the ungritted roads. Unfortunately I don't so we have a well trodden path heading onwards to Peel Crags.
It's supposed to get warmer and hopefully drier as the week progresses - I live in hope.

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trevorearthy said...

Warmer and drier for a few days, then back to a cold snap! Great shots of the wall!