20 02 11 : Hadrian's Wall

Cawfield Quarry on the Hadrian's Wall Path

Most photographers like to use water in their shots, you only have to look at the winners of big landscape competitions to know how it can enhance a photograph.

On the high part of the Hadrian's Wall Path we only have two areas of water that are easily accesible and Cawfields Quarry is one of them.

This is an early morning shot with the rising sun just catching Hadrian's Wall on Cawfield Crags, taken last October so the sun is rising to the south of the Wall.

It's a useful morning stop because the lake here is deep so you can often find mist rising off the water.
Wildfowl don't use it very often for some reason.

Crag Lough

The second area of water is Crag Lough and it's best for sunsets.
The rights to the fishing are owned by a syndicate and from March to October the boats are on the Lough.
You have to cross farm land belonging to Hotbank Farm to reach it, as always please treat the land and animals with respect.
Sometimes the cows will come down to drink or just paddle in the Lough and if they place themselves nicely it can enhance the shot.
From this angle you look west, Hadrian's Wall runs along the top of the crags to the left side of the picture, the peak in the centre is Winshields Crag with Steel Rigg beneath it.
This was taken in September last year.
This Lough also is good for mist in the early mornings but that would be from the Steel Rigg viewpoint.

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