Waiting for the misty mornings

Kicking off today's blog by going straight to a picture taken at Steel Rigg. I long for a good misty morning sunrise just like this one which was taken last September. I chose this because the sun should be rising in about the same place now as it heads towards the summer  positions.

This photograph was taken about 5 minutes from the car park at Steel Rigg, as this season starts I'm hoping to get some photographs, with just this type of conditions, from Castle Gap up on the Hadrian's Wall Path with views over Hotbank Farm.
It's amazing how the mist rises as the sun comes up, you can see the difference between the first shot and this one, the next photograph has even more mist, then as suddenly as it arrives it goes.
I've seen it looking just like waves crashing over the Crags, so dramatic, sometimes you just stand and watch in awe, forgetting to press the shutter.

A moment frozen in time by the camera.
I'm hoping Sunday morning will be worth getting up for, I need an early morning fix, I'm fed up with this cough.

I was lucky enough to win a Wacom Intuos4 tablet in the large (A4 size) and airbrush pen to go with it.
Unfortunately my computer skills means it's completely wasted on me. It in an unopened box if anyone is interested in it can you get in touch please?


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JoT said...

I love it when the conditions are like this, each time I go out I have my fingers crossed.

Bottletop said...

Wonderful, thanks....