On the water

I know my wildlife shots aren't as popular with you as the Hadrian's Wall shots but
life got in the way of photography today so I'm indulging myself with a couple of shots taken recently at Walltown Quarry Lake.

I thought the Dabchicks had flown off but when I checked on Sunday there were at least two of them back on the lake.

They're like tiny little powderpuffs, dwarfed by the Mallards.

I haven't seen a female yet but maybe they are there and there'll be chicks to watch.

The frogs and toads seem to have left the pond and although I haven't seen much toad spawn there's masses of frog spawn.

Weather forecast isn't that grand, hopefully we'll see some brightness over the coming week.

Male Dabchick ( Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis) just 25cm from tip to tail.

Frog doing what frogs do best - just chillin'

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David Richardson said...

I'm just pleased you do a image diary; it's good to see all your images and I certainly enjoy what you post.
Like the frog!!