Mucklebank Crag

I love all the names along the Hadrian's Wall Path, Mucklebank Crag is part of the Thirlwall Nicks.
Once known as the Nine Nicks of Thirlwall for the 9 peaks, the name changed when quarrying at Walltown blasted out a couple of the high spots.
Went out looking for a sunset, and being up on the Crag just above the Turret is one of my favourite spots to just sit and watch the world go by.
Last night I watched William and his sheepdog round up the sheep and move them down off the crags for the night and the gentle put, put of a quad bike is an oft heard sound, early mornings and late at night.
The climb up Mucklebank is easy, well probably easier is the correct term, it used to be an awful slipping, sliding and skidding on your backside job, then Michael one of the wardens for Northumberland National Park aided and abetted by various helpers build a stone step path from top to bottom, much appreciated by yours truely.
So, onto today's photographs.

View from the first peak of Mucklebank Crag looking east, no Wall is visible here but you can follow the line of the foundations that have been earth covered for protection.

The view west from the slope of Mucklebank Crag with the remains of a Turret in the foreground, the Hadrian's Wall Path follows the line of Walltown Crags west, then down to Thirlwall Castle.

Sun setting over Thirlwall Common, and Gilsland beyond,  from Mucklebank Crag

I'm still struggling with this cold/bug, I suppose I did tempt fate when I declared airily that "I never catch cold, of course you must still come for coffee".

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