Fly Past

I was dithering today wondering if the helicopters on exercise over Spadeadam deserved my photographic attentions, I did once long ago see an exercise where the helicopters were firing flares and having flares fired back at them.
Harmless but very dramatic, however there didn't seem to be enough coming and going around in circles for that sort of exercise so I opted for a fly past of a different ilk.
Off to Mawbury on the Solway Coast again, numbers of waders are falling fast as the birds move off into their summer breeding grounds so this was probably my last chance of photographing them in numbers.
I walked down the dunes towards Allonby and then tried heading back north and sneaking up on the birds.
Ha! It was like an elephant trying to sneak up on a mouse, I don't have knees that bend anymore so no SAS type moves on elbows and knees.
I did however sit on the shingle and shuffle as elegantly as possible closer to the flock.
The Curlews were on point duty and they take no prisoners, taking to the air with much noise to alert all the other birds that I was there.
My plan had been to sit in one place and then let the tide bring the birds closer but while the tide came closer the birds did not, they simply moved further north.
Still I can think of far worse ways to spend a warm bright Thursday afternoon.
I found my Jack Pyke camoflague hat that I must have lost on Sunday when I was last there, amazing it hadn't blown away in the wind and I hadn't missed it.
Yes, it will be washed in case passing dogs left their mark.
Three double circuits of the beach was enough for me, carrying my heavy tripod and lens, the further you go the heavier it gets.
So Here are the results of todays outing:

Oystercatchers and a Knot enjoying a promenade in the surf.

Unfortunately litter is a problem on beaches but I left it in the picture to show how tiny these birds are

Fly past of Curlew, while they wouldn't let me get close while they were on the ground they did fly quite close for an action shot.

Fly past of Knot and Godwits

Due to have a very minor op tomorrow, but it will probably involve stitches so I won't be carrying the heavy gear for a day or so, hoping to get out for some sunrise shots over the weekend so watch this space.

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trevorearthy said...

You have got some great shots Joan! Glad there was no fog this time!