17 02 11 Hadrian's Wall

Fog this morning but by 11am a chink of light appeared in the sky.
I set off for Sewingshields Crag, it's ages since I've been there but, just past Caw Gap the light went and I was back to fog.
I pulled into Steel Rigg and decided to have a walk out to see if things would improve.

A sliver of light hits the Castle Crag and I have hopes that things will improve

I decide to walk along to Sycamore Gap, perhaps I can get some dramatic views from the north side of the Wall.
The sun is doing it's best to break through the fog at Scyamore Gap

Hotbank Crag becomes more defined and blue sky shows through at last. With all the rain we've had recently Crag Lough is almost twice the normal size.
No boats during the winter but I could see swans on the Lough.

I was suprised at how many people were about, here one walker comes through Sycamore Gap and starts the climb up Highshields Crag

Walkers crest the rise at Castle Gap and the fog tries to blank out the blue sky

Great to see some sunshine and to get some fresh air and exercise, let's hope we get a lot more of the same in the coming months.
Soon the sun will be rising on the north side of the Wall and that's my favourite time to be out.
I did hear a Lark today and that cheered me immensely.


David Richardson said...

Good to see your out and about. Love reading the storylines etc

trevorearthy said...

I must do this walk again soon...super photos!