16 02 11: Hadrian's Wall

Photographs of Hadrian's Wall today.
Sunrise is one of my favourite times to be out on Hadrian's Wall and over the 8 years I've lived here,  I can count on one hand the number of times I've met another photographer out so early.
Even this classic view of Cuddys Crag was mine alone to savour.
I love the way the world wakes up, gentle curves and peaks emerge from the darkness, birds and animals call out to welcome the day, a magical time.

Hadrian's Wall on Cuddys Crag

The gateway at Rapishaw Gap with a path that saves you having to go up and down the slopes of Cuddys Crag.

Hadrians Wall heading west as it comes down from Cuddys Crag, crosses Rapishaw Gap and then climbs up Hotbank Crag.
I find it quite difficult to find good viewpoints in an east-west direction.

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David Richardson said...

Joan - You've captured it very well. I find it hard to believe the lack of others out at this magical time and envy the countryside you have on your doorstep.

trevorearthy said...

Magical shots, at a magical time of day!