11 02 11

Rain for much of the day so, I've been sorting through my Starling Murmuration pictures.

One night in December I got so many I wanted to keep (unlike yesterday) that I'm only just getting around to going through them.

Unfortuately with the extreme cold weather at the end of December the starlings split up, some went to Carlisle, or Silloth and some stayed around the railway station at Gretna.

On the night I took these shots I was told there were in excess of a million starlings, it's a sight I will never forget, absolutely amazing.

As you can see from the movement, the starlings travel at different speeds and in different directions yet never seem to collide.

If you get the chance to see this natural display go, there are several big roosts throughout the UK from October to March each year, you won't be disappointed.

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trevorearthy said...

Amazing! (I'll get there one day!)

JoT said...

Thankyou - it's an experience I'll never forget