10 02 11

Beautiful day today, went back to Caerlaverock with a particular photograph in mind.
Thousands of Barnacle Geese but for some reason they just wouldn't follow my instructions and their formation work left a lot to be desired.
Took hundreds of photographs but nothing stood out as being worthy of the Blog so it's back to the archives and Hadrian's Wall.

The view east from a spot above Castle Gap, you can see Crag Lough in the middle of the picture and Hotbank Crag with its misty veil.


From the same viewpoint as the last photograph but zoomed out to take in more of the landscape, and Hadrian's Wall as it drops down to Castle Gap and the Milecastle remains there.
It was taken before the sun has risen, so the colours are more muted.
As with yesterday's offering these were taken in September 2010.

We've been promised rain tomorrow, give me a chance to go through the 845 photographs I took today , I've a feeling I shall be deleteing 95% of them - thank goodness for digital cameras.

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trevorearthy said...

These are just great!