04 02 11

What awful weather, I've lost one of my camo tarpaulins blown off the fence and far away.
It really was a day for staying at home, wind gusts of up to 66mph were recorded at Spadeadam, just a mile from here, rain beating down.
So not a day for being out with the camera and I thought I'd find some blue sky shots to remind us that it will get better eventually.

On the rocks that surround St Mary's Lighthouse at Whitley Bay on the North East Coast, one of those rare occasions when I persuaded TT to forgo his cycle ride and come out with me. He makes a very good model when I need a bit of scale in the picture.
This was an August day and families were rockpooling and generally making the most of the sunshine.

I had been waiting for the tide to turn, hoping to see a flock of Golden Plovers fly up but as you see from the pictures storm clouds were rolling in so we decided to head home.
This is just an hours journey from Gilsland, lovely in the summer for children, in the winter months it's a great place for birdwatchers. Masses of waders on the shore line, there's a long promenade, making a good safe place to watch from.
Mind you with today's gales I bet the waves were crashing in around the lighthouse, spectacular no doubt.

All photographs copyright of Joan Thirlaway


Heather Athey said...

I haven't been to the coast since September. These blue skies are cheering me up on a wet day in the hills!

Jeff said...

You also get seals basking on the rocks at the back of the island