03 02 11

Trying a new lens that arrived today - so far I love it, such a smooth, quiet lens.
It was extremely windy today and my camo tarp on the fence was flapping like a sail, so the birds were understandably jumpy.
Blue tit posed quite nicely although it didn't seem to like the wind ruffling it's feathers and soon took off for a more sheltered spot.

I tried a 1.4 TC with the lens and that also worked a treat although the depth of field suffers considerably, so I shall have to practise with that and get to know the limitations.

Two photographs of Walltown to finish with, I love frosty days, it's not so bad you can't get out and about but it gives the familiar landscape a very different look.

Photograph on the crags at Walltown, positioned so that Hadrian's Wall and not William's barn dominates the view!
I wonder if we're finished with the cold frosty weather for this year?

In the past I've struggled to find a viewpoint that showed off Mucklebank Crag but I think this one does it justice especially with some figues to give the picture scale.

A double click on the pictures will show you a larger image.
All photographs copyright of Joan Thirlaway.


David Richardson said...

Joan - Like your blog keep it up! Hope you don't have any issues with copyright.
Love the pics of Hadrian's Wall and elsewhere. David

JoT said...

Thankyou David.
I have a bit more control of my pictures on this site.
Take care,