Let there be light

My alarm calls are getting later, 5 o'clock this morning almost a lie in for me.
I could see a big band along the horizon with clear sky above it , I felt like a walk, so off I went heading east along the Military Road, now my starts aren't as early there';s a lot more traffic on the roads.
Probably people off to prepare breakfasts at the hotels and B&B's.
That dark band I saw through my bathroom window was in fact fog and, the further east I got the thicker it became, so I turned around and headed to Birdoswald.
As I pulled into the car park there I could see the Wall clearly but by the time I got my camera and tripod out, the fog had closed in.
I wandered around the open area to the back of the Roman Fort, heavy dew on the grass had me wishing I'd put my wellington boots on, there's nothing comfotable about wet feet or water percolating up your trouser legs.
Some nice views to the west over Horseshoe View.

Horseshoe View.

 With the sky colouring up I turned to see Michael's sheep on sentry duty, standing  out well against the morning sky.

On Sentry Duty at Birdoswald Fort.

Sunrise is moving south for the Autumn so it's rising almost in line with the Wall and, because it had to get up above the fog layer, it was big and bright.

I liked to rays of light coming through the tree.

Let there be light

I headed back to the stretch of Wall, pausing at the old oak tree to take another photograph. A few years ago tree surgeons cut this tree right back and I was so upset but in fact it has recovered nicely and looks healthy.

Oak Tree at Birdoswald, just outside the walls of the Fort.

Hadrian's Wall disappearing into the mists

The fog diffusing the sunlight gives some amazing effects and colours, spreading the light around.

View North over Temple Mount

Eventually the Wall appears, it was alive with Pippits fluttering about like butterflies as the early light caught their wings, beautiful to see.

As I was standing there a flock of 30+ Fieldfares flew overhead, birds I usually associate with Autumn, hope that's not a sign that summer is over.
Took this last photograph then headed home for a toast and honey breakfast  - and some dry socks.

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Simmo said...

Beautiful pictures - what an atmospheric morning. Hints of Autumn beginning to be seen all over - it feels much too soon.