Kielder Water

Kielder Water is the largest artificial lake in the UK, opened by the Queen in 1982, surrounded by Kielder Forest and marketed as a holiday destination.

 It is also the site of England's largest hydro electric plant.

It's some 16 years since I've been to Kielder Water, and it's another of those places that's just an hours drive from Gilsland, so when  a friend suggested we meet up there it was a good opportunity to check it out.
It's heavily advertised with a super website and lots of sporty things to do, fishing, sailing, mountain biking even a Kielder Marathon.
Ospreys nest there along with other birds of prey like Goshawk, but it's a huge area and chances of seeing anything has to be quite slim.
There is a Bird of Prey centre at Leaplish.
It will be great for star watching and there is an observatory.
However, it's not a great place for photographs despite all the sales pitch and after all these years it looks just what it is, a reservoir in a commercial forest so I'd guess it will be a long time before I go back.
But if you're sporty it might suit you so please read the brochure.
It's a notorious place for midges but strangely on Monday there weren't any, lots of big black flies but nothing biting.

 The Osprey Ferry waiting to take people on a tour of the lake

Lots  of boats

Opportunities for fishing and sailing

 Young Pied Wagtail at the waters edge

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David Richardson said...

Gilsland does seem the centre of the universe,thanks for the heads up about Keilder. Often wondered what its like when heading up toward western Scotland and if its worth a detour?