Early one morning

TT is normally awake before the alarm goes off but he must have been extra tired yesterday so we were both awakened at just after 4am by the ringing of that bell.
As I was awake anyway, I decided I might as well go and take some photographs.
I dropped him off at the farm to start work and I headed towards Cawfields.
There's a spot I like that doesn't take any time to get to, so it's perfect for those days when I only have ten minutes or so to sunrise.
As I came up the crest of Glenwhelt Bank from Greenhead I slowed down to do a 'mist assessment', it was looking good, I took a photograph there on the corner because the sky was nicely coloured and I wasn't sure it would last until I was in position.

Looking across Blake Law to Cawfields and Winshields Crag

There was a fair lot of cloud about and it was quite low, I turned down the road to Great Chesters Farm, I had to watch that I didn't get too far into the valley, and enveloped in mist.
Took my photographs, unfortunately, because I'd come out in a rush I hadn't checked my camera settings and I was taking landscapes at ISO 500, instead of the usual ISO 125 so they're a bit grainy.

Colour in the sky over Cawfields Crag but lots of cloud as well

Sun rising through the morning mist at Cawfields

A field of buttercups catch the early light.

Sun starts to burn off the mist at Cawfields.

This was the last picture from this particular spot.
I headed down to Cawfields Quarry, hoping the see the Little Owl and there it was sitting on the fence, I managed to get out of the car with my camera but jst when I thought I'd get a picture it was off.
Just a few wisps of mist over the lake at Cawfields, yet again there was a camper van parked up for the night though to be honest the sign saying 'no overnight camping' isn't easy to spot, and I suppose foriegners are used to stopping in just this sort of area.
It is denying our local camp sites much needed revenue though.
I drove around past Caw Gap, saw some Roe Deer and Hares.
I really must try and get myself organised to photograph hares, one of my favourite animals.
Had a peek down towards Greenlee Lough, I've heard the Osprey has been seen fishing there this year, that's a sight I'd like to see again although it would probably be too far away to photograph.

Golden light over Greenlee Lough Nature Reserve

That's the morning pictures taken care of and now I have one photograph especially for Alison, one of the ladies who works in the Northumberland National Parks Authority Once Brewed Visitor Centre answering visitors many questions with patience and good humour, that's why it's an award winning Visitor Centre and a 'must visit' for anyone coming to this area.

Juvenile Little Owl at Cawfields

as always the photographs are copyright of Joan Thirlaway and can't be used without written permission


David Richardson said...

Some very nice misty shots Joan and the owl has been captured well. See its no longer after the rain! - hope your not expecting better weather thru changing the name?

JoT said...

Thankyou David, it might go back to After the Rain if the forecast this weekend is right.