At last, a morning worth setting the alarm for.
Out of practice as I am, it was a struggle to get up when the alarm went, but it was a lovely clear morning so I was up and  off to Hadrian's Wall.
I was initially planning to go to Sewingshields Crag but I wanted a misty morning for the photographs I have in mind, and, while it seemed conditions were right for mist, there was non about.
A change of plan then and I headed for Hotbank Crag with the idea that when the sun got to bright for east facing photographs, I might be able to move west a bit and take some shots over Crag Lough.
It takes me 20 minutes to get from the car park space up to the Wall, every step of the way I was serenaded by Sky Larks, what a grand way to welcome the day.
Sky was clear with just a wee bit of colour, as the sun came up clouds started to form, catching the light and helping to fill those blank bits of sky.
I pottered around and then started to head west just as a bank of fog descended, thinking that was it for the morning I turned around and saw the sun light coming underneath the fog bank and some lovely light on the land.
Eventually I realised that it wasn't my filter misting up (wish someone would invent some non misting filters),  I was becoming enveloped in fog, so I headed back to the car, stopping once to take a photograph towards Housesteads.
Home by 6am to a welcome cup of tea.

Sunrise from Hotbank Crag on the Hadrian's Wall Path

Light on the turf of Hadrian's Wall

 The fog bank closes in

Power of light as it reflects in Broomlee Lough

Light over Housesteads Fort.

as always the photographs in this blog are copyright of Joan Thirlaway and cannot be used without written permission

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David Richardson said...

Well done again on getting an image onto BBC Look North. Looks like it was a morning of changing weather factors.