Birds on the Farne Islands

As promised some of the bird photographs I took on Inner Farne and on the Serenity II boat trip.
It's an amazing priviledge to be able to get so close to these wild birds and my only regret was that I didn't go earlier in the season then I could have made a few more visits.
The boat trip cost £13 and it's £6.20 to get onto the Island, free if you're a National Trust member so it's not an expensive day out.
I ended up with a short list of 49 photographs and I've selected a few for you here, the rest I'll be loading onto my Flickr page if you'd like to see more Puffins.

 Puffin, the Puffins breed in burrows and seem to stand 'on guard' at the entrance.

 Puffin in a mass of white Campion flower

 Puffin portrait

Classic fish shot of a Puffin

 Another Puffin with fish shot, they seem to land with their catch then watch a while to make sure it's safe to go down into their burrow to feed the chick.

Puffin with fish

Shag grooming on of the fluffy chicks


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