I'd checked the position of the sunsetting at Birdoswald and I thought it would come down behind the fort.
It was just a bit further over than I had anticipated but I had a nice walk out and enjoyed watching Micheal and Sally's lambs .

Sheep and lambs feeding, Sally had just been up on the quad bike with the extra food they get at this time of the year so they're all gathered together. 

I'd expected the sun to be nearer the trees surrounding Fort at Birdoswald, have to wait until September now, for that shot.

Sheep and lambs at Birdoswald, even though it was sunset there were still visitors wandering around, enjoying a fine evening. One of the lambs still has it's plastic mac on, this keeps them warm as well as dry.

Hoping to be up for sunrise tomorrow, it's been very foggy the last two morning so I'm hoping for better things tomorrow.

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Kristin said...

Really beautiful!