Hadrian's Wall: Housesteads Crag

Like most places we had fog today, I sat out in the garden taking bird photographs and considering the conditions got some nice photo's but nothing you haven't seen many times before so I was back in my files for something of Hadrian's Wall.

Housesteads Crag doesn't seem to be mentioned much but it's a pretty impressive crag and from the walk through the woods ( the only part of Hadrian's Wall you're allowed to walk on ) you get a view of the loops and undulations of the path Hadrian's Wall took.
I had to wait ages for a person to come along and give the view a sense of scale.

Hadrian's Wall with Cuddys Crag and Hotbank Crag, the walkers are just cresting Cuddys Crag

Cuddys Crag is one of the favourite viewpoints on Hadrian's Wall, looking east over Housesteads Crag and onwards to Sewingshields Crag.
Soon the sun will be rising behind the trees on Housesteads Crag and my early morning outings will begin.

Housesteads Crag from Cuddys Crag

The stones of Hadrian's Wall are covered in lichens and mosses, some of them I'm sure are unusual. I did buy a book to see if I could identify some of them but many are very similar and can only be told apart with a strong magnifying glass. I'm sure most  people walking the Hadrian's Wall Path don't give these plants a second glance, in fact many don't give the scenery a second glance either in their rush to finish the walk.

Lichens on the stones of Hadrian's Wall

I'm lucky enough to have the time to stand and stare, enjoying all that nature has to offer (well all but the fog and rain that is )

Click on the photographs if you'd like to see tham in more detail.

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