Hadrian's Wall, Hotbank Crag

The morning was beautiful but I had no transport, I was hoping the weather would last until I could go out.
I was good to go by 1pm and thankfully it was still bright.
I parked in the skinny layby by the entrance to Hotbank Farm and walked up the public footpath to join the Hadrian's Wall Path.
It was much colder than I had anticipated and quite a fierce wind was blowing.
I started the climb up onto Hotbank Crag overlooking Hotbank Farm, I think this is one of the steepest bits of Hadrian's Wall, I certainly puff and pant my way up it but the views make it worthwhile.
This is one of my twofer spots, you get views east and west and that's what I bring you today.

One of the dozen or so walkers I saw on the Trail in the hour I was out there, it's certainly popular all year round.
This lady's walking partner was forging ahead leaving her to catch him up, very much like TT does when we go out together, whippets and tortoises. They're heading east towards Housesteads.

A wider view from the same spot above Hotbank Farm looking to the east, the lake is Broomlee Lough.

The view west towards Winshields Crag on the skyline.
Black clouds were building and I had no rain gear with me so it was time for a sharp exit back to Gilsland.
Forecast for the next two days is grim so I guess I shall be back to garden birds.

Double click the pictures if you'd like to see them at a larger size.
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David Osborne said...

Joan -- love the last photo, W towards Winshields. Reminds me of a sponsored walk we did from Housesteads to Cawfields and back, when I was at school in Newcastle. In fact, all your photos remind me of my home county: please keep taking and posting them, they're much appreciated! David Osborne (@DA_Osborne).

David Richardson said...

Agree with David Osborne; although I prefer the never ending view in the 1st image. Seeing your photos gives me such a good insight to the area. David Richardson

trevorearthy said...

Hope you got home in the dry! Freezing cold wind here today and yesterday. More great shots of The Wall! ( Look forward to your bird shots for the next couple of days).