13 02 11: Hadrian's Wall

Some mornings you get mist on Hadrian's Wall, and I admit, I love misty mornings.
But, just occasionally, there's too much mist.

View east from Housesteads to Sewingshields Crag

I'd gone up to Housesteads Fort hoping for a lovely sunrise and certainly the sky looked promising.
I took just this one photograph and then the mist closed in completely, blanking everything out, so I walked back down the hill to the carpark and headed back to Gilsland.

View east from Birdoswald, on a clear day you can see Walltown Crags from here.

The mists weren't quite as think as I headed west, so I carried on upto Birdoswald and caught Hadrian's Wall, and Michael Baxter's sheep, as the sun was breaking through.

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trevorearthy said...

Too much mist. Ah well, you can't win 'em all!