06 02 11

Walltown Crags on a sunny January day.

If I only have a short time frame I love to get up onto Walltown Crags.
I can see these crags from my bathroom window, better in winter when the oak tree has no leaves.
Within 10 minutes I can be here from home walking amongst the sheep. It never fails to amaze me that the sheep keep the grass here beautifully short.
It's like a billiard table surface and the by products of the sheep grazing, help to keep it green.
Not too many lambs yet, next month should see the start of serious lambing, a big thing here with poor farmer's and their families up all night checking the ewe's and lambs.

Lower route to Cawfields from Walltown

There's a low level footpath from Walltown Farm to Cawfields that follows the line of the Vallum and this is the view from that path.
You can see the Vallum just behind, and to the right of, the peak of Cawfields Quarry.
Another one of my favourite views.

The same view but from the slopes above Allolee Farm on Mucklebank Crag.
I know the guide books to the Hadrian's Wall Path tell walkers to start from Wallsend and walk west but, all the best views are to the east and perhaps more importantly the prevailing winds are from the west so start at Bowness on Solway and you'll have the wind at your back.

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