01 02 11

Well I got off to a really good start yesterday by getting the date wrong.

I blame the watch makers, the dials are tiny fiddly things, hard to pull out the correct distance, then when you push them in the date jumps (and don't get me started on clocks in cars).

How I ever arrive anywhere on time is a mystery to me.

So here we are in February and today's pictures come from Cawfields on Hadrian's Wall.

At this time of the year you can get those lovely extremes of light, bright sunlight on the ground and dark lowering clouds in the sky.

This is one of my favourite spots because you can see Hadrian's Wall snaking over the various crags.

The landscape here wouldn't be the same without our thousands of sheep munching at the grass, the local breed is the Black Face sheep.
Behind the sheep you can see the sun hitting the Vallum, a defensive ditch, on the skyline are the Thirlwall Nicks, otherwise known as Mucklebank Crag and Walltown Crag.

I've had problems recently with people stealing my pictures from a photo site I was using.
Another photograph of this view was stolen and posted up as being in Washington State.
Well you could look for it in America but you won't find it there.

It's Cawfields Quarry, a deep lake left over from the stone quarrying carried out in days before English Heritage or National Trust were there to protect the ancient monument.

They quarried right through Hadrian's Wall - I've been told there's a double decker bus and several other vehicles under that water, and certainly police divers do use the pond for training exercises.
If you double click the photographs you can view tham at a larger size, please remember they are copyright and you would need my permission to copy them.


Robbie's Roots said...

I found out about the shenanigans on the other site yesterday, so I'm glad to see your pics on here. Top notch :)

JoT said...

Thankyou - it was a nightmare.
I was suprised the management on the other site didn't show more conceern about what was happening.